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How to create a BAPK token and its counterpart in the BAP token ecosystem

In the future, BAP tokens will be issued via the BANK token, an open source project.The project, which is open to developers and holders of BAPTokens, is a way for BANK tokens to be created, traded and exchanged between users.The BANK project was launched in 2018.The BANK team has been working on the project for…

CSBA vs CBAP Online Exam: Who’s in Charge?

On Thursday, February 18, 2018, CCABA will host a live-streamed online exam for CBA graduates.To qualify for the exam, students will have to:

How to pass the CBAP exam

How to get the CBP exam, a must-pass requirement for anyone seeking a job, has been put on hold after the government said the test could become “unnecessary” as more states prepare to administer it.The new exam, called the Advanced CBP Certification Examination (ACCE), is designed to be a comprehensive assessment of people who have…