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‘I was on the verge of suicide’: Tech reporter who wrote ‘I thought I was going to die’ blog post about cyberbullying says he’s now ‘a normal person’

cbaptist is a name used by Christian Bap, a well-known cyberbullied software developer who has written a blog post on the subject and is now a well known social justice advocate.“I was really shocked when I found out I was on a list of people who were on it,” Bap said.“It was such a horrible,…

How to get out of a cbapp learning area

BACCP and the College Board have teamed up to teach about the most common misconceptions of the baccalaureate exam.They’re sharing this primer on Common Coding Mistakes, along with tips on how to navigate them and how to ace the test.

How to take your babok learning to the next level with CBAP and CBAP Knowledge Areas

You’ve already mastered the basics of babok and the fundamentals of the CBAP knowledge areas.But what about how to move beyond those basics and make the most of the new knowledge that is being offered?If you’re new to babok or if you’re just starting, you should consider the babok curriculum and the babk.com learning platform,…

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