When Pakistan will join ICC: Can it beat India? October 21, 2021 October 21, 2021 admin

Pakistan is set to join the ICC on Tuesday.

The decision to accept the invitation was made by the three-member ICC board in New York on Thursday.

However, it will not be finalised before the start of the ICC tournament, due to the ongoing threat of the nuclear deal with Iran.

The five-member board is headed by former ICC president Kazi Abdul Basit and includes four presidents from the past.

The ICC is set up to protect the interests of cricket in the world’s most populous nation.

It has been criticised for its handling of the murder of Tariq Fatah, an Indian cricketer who was killed in 2010 in a Lahore court by his former teammates.

The killings were condemned by human rights organisations and the Indian cricket board as well as the ICC, which is due to play its first two games in India in July.

The board also failed to resolve a dispute between the two countries over the awarding of the IPL franchises to the two nations.

In December, Pakistan’s cricket team, led by Waqar Younis, won the IPF-II final, but India was able to beat them to win the title.

However it has since been unable to win a major tournament since.

Pakistan, which has been ranked in the bottom two in the ICC rankings for the last three years, is now seeking to join.

However the ICC has said the inclusion of the country would not be “imminent”.

Pakistan will not play in the first Test against India, scheduled for July 4, because of security concerns.

India has said that it will play the second Test, between July 8 and 10, in India’s capital, New Delhi.

However that has not been confirmed.