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Cebapan, the first Cebapi book, has been released in the UK, with a new edition to be published in the coming weeks.

The book, written by David Knepper, follows the story of a young couple who decide to travel back to their homeland, the Ceba, in search of a new life.

The Cebas story is told in a unique way, with Kneppers own voice as narrator and an extensive collection of interviews.

The story of Cebacan is told from the point of view of a single Cebaman who travels to Cebaca, a city in the state of Biafra.

Kneers first book is a follow-up to the acclaimed debut, Cebangon, and follows the adventures of the young couple in their quest for the next chapter in their story.

The author describes his writing style as “socially conscious” and has used interviews with members of the local community to help develop the story and characters.

The original book, released in 2011, was a personal favourite of mine, with many people reading the book with an open mind and never expecting what they were going to get.

I think the Cibanes book is so well-written that its going to surprise and delight readers.

The title is a reference to the Cemba language spoken in the region of the country.

The Cembeans people speak a language called Cebanese, which translates to “blue” in English.

In Ceb├ínese, “blue means blue” in reference to blue sky.

Cebapan is a story of love, betrayal and redemption.

It is also a story about hope and acceptance, a story that is deeply personal and deeply moving.

This book is about people who have lived through terrible times and who are still fighting to get back on their feet and make their home again.

It shows us the way forward.

The English translation of the book is available from Amazon.