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Watermark Learning, a watermark education company, has partnered with ABC News to create an app that can help students complete their IB degree.

The app uses a digital learning platform called Kivi and can connect students to an on-campus advisor, the company says on its website.

It allows students to schedule appointments with a faculty member for a 30-minute tutoring session.

It also includes online video lessons, a syllabus, and assessments.

The company says that students who register with the app receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete the app.

The e-mails include links to access the app and an application for the online course.

The program will cost $1,100 for the first year.

If students choose not to enroll, the app will cost them $7,500 for a two-year certificate program and $3,400 for the three-year program.

The e-learning platform will cost another $7000 a year, the Kivis says.ABC News has not yet reviewed the app for certification.