A new online school has opened in Egypt, but some say it’s a scam September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021 admin

CAMPBELL, Egypt (AP) A new Egypt online school that opened in April says it’s for the classroom and not for students.

The new online learning academy, called CAMP, says it focuses on “creative solutions to problems that we face” and “educates learners with the best tools and the best learning outcomes.”

But some critics say it is a scam.

Here’s what you need to know about the online learning school.

https://abcn.ws/1RpjK5i https://abcnews.go.com/US/technology/teacher-camps-abroad-to-egypt-accuses-school-of-doping-article/story?id=92788983 https://abc.go/US,ABC.com.au/technology-news/teaching-tech-cams-to+caught-using+code,cbs-tech,cams,accusations,cameras,canned-tech source ABC News (AU) title Teacher camps to ‘accuse’ technology of doping allegations article NEW YORK (AP, 3/16/16) A New York City teacher is facing several charges in a series of accusations from parents of students who attended his online class.

The father of one of the alleged students, David T. Kostecki, said he was shocked to learn that his son, who was enrolled at the school for the past year, was caught with code that led to an undercover sting.

The allegations came to light after the school’s online community posted a message from the school on Reddit, a popular online forum.

The post said that a new technology teacher at the online school, David Kosteski, was accused of using software to “hack” a student’s class.

David Kosteuski, father of an alleged student, said the new technology instructor is accused of “bribing” a class of students with software to cheat on tests.

“He’s just like any other kid.

He wants to learn,” Kostelekski said.

The father of another alleged student said he and his son went to the school last year and were “disappointed” to learn about Kostevekski’s “secret scheme.”

The alleged student had been told by the school that Kostevski was the head of a technology team.

The alleged students’ parents told ABC News they were shocked to see their son cheating on tests and said he had never been an educator before.

Kostekski, 46, of Queens, New York, was arrested Tuesday and is expected to appear in court on Monday.

He is the owner of the school and director of the online Learning Learning Academy for Teachers, which was launched last summer in Egypt.

Some parents have also said they received an email from the online education site, offering to help their students “with their problems” if they could only pay a small fee to use the software.

ABC News’ Ben Thompson contributed to this report.