How to get the cbAP certification for cbaps app, cbapturequora September 16, 2021 September 16, 2021 admin

You are about to enter a very complicated application that needs to be validated by the cBaptureQuora application. 

It’s easy to get fooled, but you don’t have to worry if the application isn’t correct or not. 

As long as you follow the steps carefully and keep it simple, you can get the certification. 

Here’s how to get it. 1.

Make sure that you are logged in as the same user as the cbcaptureqora application, or you might get an error message saying you are not authorized to access the app. 

2. Log in as the same user or the application will ask you to log in with your credentials. 


Navigate to your cbcap app’s settings page, and click on the ‘Certification’ tab. 


In the certifications section, scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Apply’. 


Once the certification is complete, you will get a confirmation email from [email protected] 


The next step is to download the cbbap app.

 Go to the app store and search for bbap to download and install the app, it’s very easy.


When you are ready to go, log in as your cbapp user. 


In your cbdroid settings page you will see a new option to submit a certification.


Click on the certification button and the certification should be complete. 


You will receive an email from the [email protected] confirmation that you have successfully registered for the cbtapture quora certification.

Now you can go ahead and download and use cbcaps app.