How to download the free audio book for the 2016-17 NHL season by September 2, 2021 September 2, 2021 admin

The 2018-19 season is just around the corner, and the NHL has a new program for fans looking to get their ears set on fire with audio books and podcasts.

Starting today,, the NHL’s official digital outlet, will be providing free audio books to fans in Canada and the U.S. that cover the upcoming campaign.

“We are pleased to partner with the NHL on this new program, which is aimed at fans of all ages,” said president and chief content officer Mike Scully.

“We hope this partnership with NHL.CA will help fans of every age to discover new content, which will be accessible for everyone, on demand, at no additional cost.”

This program is being rolled out across all of NHL.COM and is available to anyone interested in learning about the upcoming season.

“If you’re interested in getting your ears set for the upcoming NHL season, check out our free video guides below:If you need more help, head over to to find out more.