What makes a cbAP certification? August 26, 2021 August 26, 2021 admin

New Scientist article Calgary, British Columbia, Canada (CNN) — The Canadian Bureau of Apprenticeship (CBA) has published a set of new guidelines that will help you and your company decide whether or not to take the CBA certification test for the job.

The CBA says you should evaluate the job in a job interview and then take the exam to see if you’re ready to take on the new CBA job. 

The new CABP certification is aimed at the professional workforce, not just a group of skilled individuals who may need to complete their apprenticeship program.

“We believe the CAB-P is an excellent tool for helping employers better understand how they can better serve their workforce,” said Karen MacLeod, CBA vice president of operations.

“This certification is designed to provide a clear and accurate picture of how an individual can be an effective professional and help employers identify and manage those who need to be trained in their industry.”

The CABPA says the new certification will help employers better assess their workforce and provide more detailed information on what they’re looking for in an apprenticeship. 

It also will help managers to identify individuals who are likely to be qualified for the role and could be better able to fill it. 

CBA is also working on new requirements for CAB apprentices to take, which could lead to more flexibility in how you can use the CAA to help you in your career. 

“The CAA is an essential part of our apprenticeship development process,” MacLeod said.

“It provides a clear pathway for employers to hire, train, and retain apprentices.” 

 If you want to take CAB in the U.S., you can find the application here: https://www.cabp.ca/apply.html The CMBP is an online certification for those working in manufacturing and trades in Alberta, Canada. 

 “CMBP-C is for anyone who wants to be a skilled worker in manufacturing,” said Doug Hutton, president of the Alberta Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

If that’s you, the CMB-C online application can be found here: https://www…ctm-cbapp.ca The Alberta Automotive Council, which is an association of car companies, says the CBPP certification helps “help employers determine the skills and competencies of individuals for a position, while also providing an opportunity to earn a certificate.” 

The certification is available through CabInsights, and the CMBPs are available for free through cabinsights.com/cbapplications. 

For more information about the CabP and CMBs, here is what you can expect: A certificate with a rating of CAB, BCP, BPP, or CABB will show you the following: • Ability to work with people, and understand their needs, •​Ability to communicate with others,  •Ability to perform tasks efficiently, ​and •The ability to understand and work with CAD software and hardware. 

You can take the CBBP certification at the CMB, the CABP, or the the cbbp-c.ca website. 

As for the CBCP certification, it’s available for $30. 

And, for those wanting to take it as a career, you may want to look into CBBP Certified Apprenticeships, which also allow you to take a certified certificate that will help prepare you for a career in manufacturing.