How to make a r/CBB mod post in #RedditIndia August 25, 2021 August 25, 2021 admin

r/RedditIndia has been hit with a series of anti-subreddit rule violations by a group of Reddit moderators.

The Reddit community on the world’s largest social media platform has experienced significant rule violations and a series on anti-censorship in the past month.

In October, moderators of r/India, a subreddit that posts images and content about India, were banned for violating the anti-tampering rules.

On November 6, Reddit moderators were banned from posting about the election results after they posted an image of a man holding up the hashtag #IndiaFirst.

On December 2, moderators were suspended for posting an image that said #India, with a caption that said “Moderators banned for breaking subreddit rules.”

On December 6, r/india was banned for posting a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with the caption: “Moders banned for removing content.”

The new rules came in response to the recent controversy that erupted on Reddit over the posting of pictures of the Indian Prime Minister by an account known as the “Shah Rukh Khan.”

In September, a group called “Shahs Own India” posted the pictures of Khan, who is the world representative for the Islamic faith, on the social media site, prompting many to question whether the pictures were posted with the intention of inciting violence.

In September and October, the mods of r