How to write a better ‘Star Wars’ comic book August 10, 2021 August 10, 2021 admin

You have to have some sort of sense of humor to understand how a comic book can make a life of itself, especially when you have a story that goes on for years.

That’s why I am so excited to share with you a comic I wrote in 2015 for the comic book company Dark Horse.

I know it sounds corny but it has a great story to tell.

It’s a sequel to the very successful Marvel Super Hero Squad that made me so happy.

After being told of the success of my comic I was looking for more material to tell this new story.

My agent recommended I start with a story called ‘Gotham Knights.’

It is a story about a young woman named Jessica, who lives in Gotham City and gets sucked into the superhero universe.

Her life is changed forever when she is sucked into a world where she is the best super hero in the world.

Jessica is the first person in Gotham, and she can’t help but be swept up in the excitement of Gotham City.

There are heroes and villains, villains who want to steal her identity, super villains who can destroy Gotham City, and a superhero team of superheroes that includes Batman, Robin, and Green Arrow.

When Jessica is captured by these villains, she is brought to the Gotham City Police Department where she fights for justice.

The first issue of Gotham Knights has a story where Jessica has to fight her way out of a situation that she can never escape.

In this story, Jessica must learn how to deal with all the challenges of being Gotham City’s best superhero.

This comic is a continuation of the Gotham Knights story and it has plenty of twists and turns.

To make sure that Jessica is as happy as she can be, she starts a new team called the Gotham Girls.

Gothams new team is called the “Gothas” and they are trained in martial arts.

Their first task is to protect Gotham City from super villains.

But Jessica is in charge of the new Gotham Girls, and when they are called to save Gotham City they have to learn how they can fight their way out.

Even though they may be the strongest and smartest team they are still human beings.

Every team member has a unique power and Jessica is one of the hardest workers.

She is also the team leader and she wants to make sure everyone on the team is doing their best.

We will see Jessica’s struggles as she tries to make her way through this world as a hero.

If you love comic books then you will love this comic book!