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PUNE: A Pune-based cab driver who passed the CBP Online Exam (CBP-CBA) has earned a prestigious CBP Certificate of Completion (CCOC) online certification.

The online CBP-COA-certified driver has been named as Anupam Thakur, who completed the course in August, 2017.

His journey to CBP certification was inspired by the lessons he had learnt from his father who was a CBp officer in Kerala and who, when he retired from the force, gave him the opportunity to earn a CBM certificate as a result.

“I have always been a learner and my father had taught me the importance of being a responsible citizen.

The CBP has always been my home and I have been very fortunate,” he said.”

Being able to go to the CBM course has given me confidence in CBP.

Now that I am earning the CBC, I am looking forward to taking it for my next journey.”

Mr Thakurs CBP certificate of completion (COC) was handed over by the CBH on Thursday evening and he is expected to go for the next phase of the course next week.

He said he is excited to get the CBCO certification.

“When I first got my certificate, I had already started taking the course.

I was only getting into it for the first month, so I didn’t get any further in.

Now I am happy to pass the course,” he added.

The CBP online exam is one of the most challenging of the three major CBP examinations and a CBPO certificate is required to take it.

The online exam consists of 10 modules, each with a different content, and takes around 10 hours to complete.

The course is also available in both English and Hindi.

Mr Thaks CBP CCA, completed by him in September 2017, has been certified by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as a Bachelor of Commerce, Computer Science and Business Administration, the official certificate of the CBPO.

Mr Thakhur, a former teacher at a government school in Pune, said he wanted to pursue the CBPA in the future.

“A few years ago, I was doing my post-graduation course in Puducherry, and I had no time to take the CBCP,” he told The Indian Express.

“So I came to Pune and decided to get my CBCO certificate.

I started studying at the CBB college in Paddi and got the certificate in the next few months.

I now feel confident and motivated to take CBP at my next job.”

In December 2017, the CBPI awarded Mr Thakus a CBCO and the CBCA certificate in addition to the CCA.

While a CBC is a certification recognised by the government, a CBPA is a certificate recognised by an individual.

A CCA certificate can be awarded by a private company.

The official CBP website says, “A certificate of success in the CBMP online exam can be obtained through the course of study of the person who passed.

The official certificate can also be issued by an organization of any size.”

Mr Bhagwat is the first Indian to earn the CBPM certificate.

According to CBPO, the CPA certificate is awarded by the Professional Association of the Punjab Police (PAPP).

The CBPM is the state-run organisation that runs the CBOP, a private online exam which is run by the state police.