How does ‘The Apprentice’ star land the most lucrative contract in the world? August 4, 2021 August 4, 2021 admin

The ‘The Biggest Loser’ reality show’s first season has seen star Donald Trump land the biggest pay deal in the history of the entertainment industry.

The contract that President Trump signed in December will see him earn more than $50m a year from his show, The Apprentice.

In addition to Trump, The Biggest LA star Ben Stiller, The King of Queens actor Chris Rock and The Big Lebowski director Joel Coen are among the show’s stars.

The Big Loser stars in Los Angeles, California, and is the second most watched reality show in the US, according to a study by Nielsen.

The show is hosted by Trump, who is the most famous American in the region, and his family.

Trump said in a statement that he was honoured to sign a contract with the US government, which would “rebuild the American Dream and secure the future of our country”.

“We look forward to working with the President and the Office of Management and Budget to make the American dream come true for all,” Trump said.

‘The big picture’ Trump said he would like to see the economy “grow quickly and that the middle class can be lifted out of poverty”.

“I also believe the American people deserve a stable and prosperous future,” Trump added.

“We will be looking for a great plan that is both bold and comprehensive to achieve this goal.”

In the US and around the world, there are plenty of shows like The Big Deal that aim to showcase the best of American capitalism, while also promoting a certain type of white supremacy and racism.

The US has long been known for its show business, which is still one of the most profitable industries in the country.

This is partly due to the show business’s popularity, which has seen the industry prosper in the past few decades.

“It’s a good business, but it’s not a business for everybody,” said Jeffrey Kagan, president of the Brookings Institution, an American think-tank.

“And it’s a business that’s driven by money and power and a lot of money.”

The Bigger Deal has also been seen as a way to promote racism, with the show hosting a number of white nationalists.

“The Big Deal has been a big success, and it’s certainly something I’d want to see happen in the future,” said Kagan.

Trump’s presidency is also an important symbol of the American economy, and he has been vocal about the need to increase the size of the federal government.

“I’ve always wanted to make a show that was bigger than me, bigger than anybody else in the industry,” Trump told Forbes magazine in November.

“That’s the big picture, the big deal.”