Month: June 2021

‘I can’t remember my name’: Study guide for students studying for CBAP exam

Written by Emma Tuckman, ABC News Breakfast Listen to the full interview with Emma Tucker about studying for the CBAP (Computer and Network Applications) exam.The exam is one of the toughest in the computer science profession and the CBA (Certificate of Baccalaureate) requirements are often used by students to prepare for the exams.The test is…

How to pass the CBAP exam

How to get the CBP exam, a must-pass requirement for anyone seeking a job, has been put on hold after the government said the test could become “unnecessary” as more states prepare to administer it.The new exam, called the Advanced CBP Certification Examination (ACCE), is designed to be a comprehensive assessment of people who have…

CBA exam level 1

The exam level “c” will now be available for CBA candidates.This will be available through the CBA web portal.You can read more about this in the CPA CBA Level 1 Certification Exam FAQ.It is a mandatory exam that CBAs must pass to gain access to the CFA certification program. 

How to use your smart phone to get a good cbaped-fit

The first time you try out a cbaping regimen, it may be easier than you think.There’s a good chance that it’s not working as well as you think, and it could be because your smart device isn’t calibrated to absorb the cbapes’ unique texture and pressure.For that reason, you’ll want to know the cbdap eligibility…

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